Game Policies

  1. Because space is very limited, laptops will not be permitted at the table. Bring paper character sheets and hard copies of any relevant books. (Tablets and smart phones are okay too, as long as they remain unobtrusive.)
  2. Electronic die rollers may not be used. Ample dice will be provided if you don’t have any.
  3. Participation on the forums is not required, but players are expected to keep abreast of forum topics and the adventure log. Because that’s where XP will be handed out.
  4. Absences should be brought to the Narrator’s attention with as much advance notice as possible. Players are expected to make all reasonable efforts to attend scheduled sessions (though obviously sickness, work, or family obligations take precedence).
  5. Players must provide the Narrator with an archival copy of their character sheet every time they level up.
  • Game Policies

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