Hermann 'Fizzcrank' Stadtfeld

Quirky goblinoid Spark with an invention for everything!


A Goblin, born and raised in Munich, Germany; instilled with the love of inventing machines, machinations, and tinkers, Fizzcrank developed a reputation as a child of being crude, introverted, perverted, and greedy. He was raised by his father from year one to never turn down a good brew (or 5), as the best inventions come to you “when the mind is clear yet so, so hazy and numb”. He moved to London at the ripe and tender age of 19, on a whim whilst in the middle of a very drunken bender of a weekend. He woke up on a bench being accosted by a few local constables, and after incapacitating them with a electro-joy-buzzer handshake tool, ran for the hills so to speak and, after a very convoluted twist and a few hiccups here and there, joined the League of Oddfellows. He considers himself the brains behind the operation, and though he does not believe himself to be a good leader, constantly tells anyone who will listen that “Oh man, these suckers are doomed without me.”

A bit of an outsider due to his nature as Gifted, he has always been looked upon with scrutiny and thought of as an odd fellow, which is fine by him, as he’d prefer to be building or dreaming off by himself anyway. When in the company of other living beings he actually enjoys, respects, appreciates, or at least, is intrigued by, he can be social and talkative to a fault.

Often enjoys bragging about his inventions, loves drinking ‘wit’ to excess, pines to get or sometimes succeeds in getting laid. Barring these, often disappears to all points nowhere and brainstorms up the next get-rich-quick scheme to fund his research, Fizzcrank is certainly an interesting one, with secrets about himself and his toys to be discovered.

His blunt, sometimes irritating personality is forgiven by most due to the fact that he has one of the brilliant minds in all of the countryside.

Hermann 'Fizzcrank' Stadtfeld

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