The year is 1889, and the world as you knew it is not what it once was. Airships roam the skies as mad inventors known as “Sparks” carve out their own petty kingdoms on the continent of Europa. Worse, the great powers of Britain and the Czar rattle their sabers at one another. The world seems headed for war.

Though Britain’s empire spans the world, there is unrest. The lords of Europa have begun to set their eyes on her prizes in the East, and her colonies in the New World are gearing up for another spat. Equally worrisome is the growing number of Sparks and other Gifted who walk the world and the rising tide of occultism that threatens to choke Mother Church.

You are a member of the League of Oddfellows, a motley crew of madmen, mutants and mercenaries. You soldiers of fortune have resolved to keep watch on the world in your own way, using your gifts and talents in service of the Queen and in defense of Christendom and civilization. You mean to take your place in the world among the likes of Capt. Odysseus Pearce and Sir Waltham Tennington, and perhaps one day even eclipse the tales of their derring-do.


The League of Oddfellows is an adventure in the Empires of Brass campaign setting, in production by Sandman Games. The setting is a mashup of Steampunk, Victorian horror, weird science a la Girl Genius, and includes a take on X-men style mutants.

The League of Oddfellows is the Winter/Spring campaign for the Sunburst Circle Players. It runs the first and third Tuesday of every month, from 7 pm until midnight. Chargen is scheduled for 15 November, and the first session will be 29 November.

We are looking for players!

If this game sounds interesting to you, send the Narrator a PM on this site.

The League of Oddfellows

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