The state of the art in firearms is semi-automatic pistols and rifles which fire cartridged bullets. Rifling has been in use for centuries and the powder is reliable and almost smoke-free. Bullets come in several calibers.

All firearms share the following traits:

  • Open damage: Whenever the maximum is rolled on a firearm’s damage die, that die is rolled again and added to the total damage. This process continues until the die comes up non-max damage.
  • Misfiring: On any Firearms roll of a natural 1, the weapon must make a Fortitude save (DC 10) or suffer a misfire in addition to any other mishap that might occur. The barrel becomes fouled and the weapon jams, and cannot fire again until someone with Repair spends ten minutes cleaning it.

There are three categories of firearm: civilian, military and experimental. Civilian firearms are usable by anyone with the Firearms skill. Military firearms require the Military Firearms feat, and experimental firearms require the specific Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat.

Civilian Firearms

Name Size Damage Critical Magazine Range Weight Cost Special
Small-caliber Revolver S 2d4 1x 6 30 2 14
Mid-caliber Revolver M 2d6 1x 6 30 3 15
Large-caliber Revolver M 2d8 1x 6 30 4 17
Derringer S 2d4 1x 2 15 1 15 +2 to Thievery to conceal
Small-caliber semiautomatic S 2d4 1x 9 60 2 15
Mid-caliber semiautomatic M 2d6 1x 9 60 3 16
Long Arms
Small game rifle L 2d4 2x 1 150 5 15
Large game rifle L 2d6 2x 5 150 6 16
Double-barrel Shotgun L 2d8 1x 2 20 5 15 Double-barrel

Military Firearms

Name Size Damage Critical Magazine Range Weight Cost Special
Large-caliber semiautomatic M 2d8 2x 9 60 4 18
Sawed-off M 2d8 1x 2 20 5 15 Double-barrel
Long Arms
Military rifle L 2d8 2x 5 250 6 18
Sniper rifle L 2d6 19/2x 1 500 6 19
Military shotgun L 2d10 1x 5 30 6 18

Experimental Firearms

Name Size Damage Critical Magazine Range Weight Cost Special
Flechette thrower M 2d8 19/2x 6 20 3 20
Machine pistol M 2d6 1x 10 30 4 20 Auto-fire
Long Arms
Rail gun L 3d8 2x 1 300 10 21 Catastrophic failure
Flamer L 3d6 6 30 15 19 30’ line, explosion
Tommy gun L 2d8 2x 20 40 8 19 Auto-fire

Reloading: Semiautomatic weapons take a standard action to swap out a magazine, and one minute to refill a magazine. Shotguns and revolvers take a full-round action to reload.

Double-barrel: The user can choose to discharge both barrels in a single shot, dealing an extra d8 damage.

Auto-fire: The shooter can consume the weapon’s entire clip in a single burst. Doing so provides two “free” attacks.

Catastrophic failure: On a roll of a 1, the rail gun must make a DC 10 Fortitude save or suffer a catastrophic magnetic field imbalance, tearing itself apart and inflicting 3d8 damage on its wielder.

Flamer: A flamer fills a 30’ line with fire, dealing the listed damage. Victims are entitled to a DC 15 Reflex save to take half damage. Every time a flamer is fired, roll the d20; on a 1, the Flamer suffers a catastrophic failure, exploding for 3d6 damage to all targets in a 5’ burst.

Converting Existing Weapons

Melee weapons attested to in other sources can be used more-or-less as-is. Characters with Brawl are proficient with light simple weapons. Characters with Melee are proficient with all simple and martial melee weapons. Characters with Archery are proficient with all simple and martial bows and crossbows. Characters with Thrown are proficient with slings, knives, spears, throwing axes, and other simple and martial thrown weapons.

The only significant change that must take place is to the weapon’s crit modifier. The conversion is as follows:

x2 1x
x3 2x
x4 3x


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