Spark Mods

Sparks have the ability to create “mods,” temporary enhancements to items and equipment. As they gain levels, the number and potency of mods they can create grows.

All mods share the following characteristics:

  • They last one turn (ten minutes) before breaking down
  • They take one minute to create unless the spark spends Willpower
  • They have a chance of failure each action they are used — roll a d20, and if the result is equal to or less than the level of the mod, it malfunctions. Results of the malfunction are left up to the Narrator.
  • They require the spark to have access to a toolkit and a supply of spare parts.
  • They do not cost anything to create.
  • Applicable saves are equal to 10 + INT + Mod level.

A spark can use any mod of any level he has access to; he does not have to “know” or prepare individual mods in advance.

Level 1 Mods

Ablative Armor Worn item grants DR x/- against next successful hit; x = 4 + spark level
Defensive improvisation Apply +1-equivalent enhancement to worn item
Polarity adjustment Changes one energy type to another for duration
String theory: practical application Spark can call modded object back to his hand as a Move; actively-held items allow user a Reflex save
Running lights Item sheds bright light in a 20’ radius and dim light for another 20’
Kinetic augmentation Up to 3 small projectiles gain +1 enhancement to attack and deal damage as though they were one size larger
Secondary after-striker Apply +1 enhancement to weapon
Defensive augmentation Armor or clothing provides +1 Defense, +1/four spark levels
Gyroscopic stabilizers Provides +1 bonus to Reflex, +1/four spark levels
Emergency stimulant injector Provides +1 bonus to Fortitude, +1/four spark levels
Ancillary lithium supplier Provides +1 bonus to Composure, +1/four spark levels
Autonomic alert response Provides +1 bonus to Perception, +1/four spark levels

Level 2 Mods

Defensive inspiration Apply +3-equivalent effect to armor or clothing
Muscular rejuvenator Wearer gains +2 to CON
Hydraulic after-lifters Wearer gains +2 to STR
Reactive spring system Wearer gains +2 to DEX
Neural augmentation Wearer gains +2 to INT
Holomatic visualizer Wearer gains +2 to CHA
Audio-visual autocollector Wearer gains +2 to ACU
Parallel theory: practical application Reroll one attack roll or confirmation roll before learning the result
Clank structural enhancement Affected clank gains 1d6 + x temporary HP, where x = spark level
Clank plating enhancement Affected clank gains +x to natural armor, where x = 1 + 1/3 spark levels
Offensive improvisation Apply +1-equivalent effect to weapon

Level 3 Mods

Monofilament theory: practical application Metal weapon ignores hardness and DR
Defensive epiphany Apply +5-equivalent effect to armor or clothing
Improvised explosive Create xd8 worth of explosive, where x = spark level, usable in any divison spark desires. Explosive deals damage to single target within 60’ with ranged touch attack
Grounding screw Clank gains electricity absorb x, where x = spark level x 5
Auxiliary mass driver Apply +x enhancement bonus to weapon, where x = 1 + 1/4 spark levels
Power surge Raygun has double effect at 4x cost of charges
Counter-striking reinforcement Clank gains DR 10/adamantine

Level 4 Mods

Faraday cage Clank gains electricity absorb x, where x = spark level x 12
Frenzied modification Apply three 1st-level mods concurrently, which do not count against his available 1st-level mods
Graviton theory: practical application Targeted item generates inertial field providing DR 10/- against ranged attacks
Spark of life Clank loses clank template for duration, gains +1 to all physical stats
Electrolytic oxidization catalyst Item touched rusts metal on contact
Offensive inspiration Apply +3-equivalent effect to weapon

Level 5 Mods

Relativity theory: practical application Creates one object of up to 1 cuft per level. Object breaks down after some time; see major creation (SRD)
Override ownership protocol Dominates target clank. Can only be used on helpless clank.
Electromagnetic depolarizer Touch attack with modded object renders clank or artifice inert for 1d4 minutes
Burrowing projectile Single projectile burrows into target. Target must make Fortitude save or die. Automatically destroys clanks.
Magnetic reinforcement Metallic object’s hardness increases by 1/2 spark levels
Offensive epiphany Apply +5-equivalent effect to weapon

Spark Mods

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