The “skulk” is a slang term for a small, creepy mutant. These mutants tend to be quick and agile, with disproportionate limbs and occasionally features such as horns or tails. Their mutation shows up in their odd body proportions, and also sometimes in skin or hair color. Still, they tend to stand out less than gargoyles.

Skulks are the least common kind of mutant. They tend to be very intelligent and skillful. Most are borderline autistic or obsessive. The Beast would be a skulk, as would Nightcrawler.

In a Nutshell

Quick and cagey, skulks tend to have powers that augment their speed and skills. They tend to be frail, and generally avoid combat. CHA, DEX and INT are their most important attributes, and important skills include Dodge, Acrobatics, Athletics and Thievery.

The Skulk

Level Feature
1 Mutant, Nimble, Skillful
4 +1 MP limit
7 +1 MP limit
10 +1 MP limit

Hit Die: d4
Skill Tree: 5-up
Special: Skulk level 1 can only be taken at character level 1. All mutants manifest their powers at puberty.
1st-level bonus: +2 to Reflex saves; in lieu of a 1st-level feat, may be size-S ( +4 to Stealth, +1 to attack rolls and defense, 25% carry penalty).

Mutant (Su)

Skulks are mutants. They have access to Mutant Powers and start play with CHA + 4 MP.

Nimble (Ex)

Skulks tend to be very quick, but their warped appearance is offputting. They gain a +2 bonus to Acrobatics checks, but suffer a -2 penalty to Reaction rolls.

Skillful (Su)

All skulks begin with a 1 MP Infuse spell of the appropriate element providing a +6 bonus to a non-combat skill of their choice. This does not count against their 1st-level MP and can be improved as normal.

MP Limit

At 4th, 7th and 10th level, the skulk’s MP limit improves by 1.


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