The following table is derived from Imperial Age: Victorian Occupations, by Walt Ciechanowski. Consult that product for definitions on each occupation.

Occupation: The name of the occupation.

Prerequisite: Any prerequisites the occupation has.

Skill Bonus: Characters with this occupation gain a +2 bonus to the listed skill. If more than one is listed, the player must either choose one (separated by a comma) or gains the bonus to both (separated by a plus sign).

Bonus Feats: If the occupation provides a bonus feat, it is noted here. If the feats are separated by a comma, the player must choose; if they are separated by a plus sign (+) then the character gets all the listed feats.

Wealth: Apply the listed bonus to your starting Wealth.

Occupation Prerequisite Skill Bonus Bonus Feats Wealth
Academician INT +1 Knowledge +3
Adventurer Survival +1
Aeronaut Pilot +1
Agrarian Handle Animal Animal Affinity, Country Squire* +1
Antiques Dealer Appraise Attentive, Black Market Bargain*, Studious +2
Apothecary INT +1 Science (chemistry) Educated +3
Athlete STR or DEX +1 Athletics +1
Bohemian Perform + Streetwise +0
Bureaucrat Profession (bureaucrat) Educated, Reknown +2
Celebrity CHA +1 Perform +4
Colonist Survival Builder, Guide +1
Crofter Craft (any one) Builder, Creative, Gearhead +2
Creative ACU +1 Craft (visual art), Craft (writing) +2
Criminal Thievery Black Market Bargain*, Infamy*, Poker Face* +1
Dilettante Etiquette +5
Doctor INT +1, ACU +1 Medicine +4
Domestic Etiquette + Observation +1
Drifter Streetwise +2
Educator ACU +1 Knowledge Creative, Educated, Studious +2
Emergency Services Drive, Medicine +2
Engineer INT +1 Science (engineering) Collector*, Engine Operation*, Gearhead*, Inspired*, Salvage +2
Entrepreneur ACU +1 Empathy +4
Heir Feat: Educated Etiquette +6
Hunter Firearms Far Shot +1
Investigator ACU +1 Investigation Inspired*, Perfect Rascal*, Poker Face*, Urban Tracking +2
Labourer Athletics +2
Law INT +1, ACU +1 Persuasion +4
Law Enforcement Investigation Urban Tracking +1
Mariner Acrobatics, Navigate, Pilot Acrobatic, Focused +1
Military Demolitions, Firearms Engine Operation*, Engine Weapon Proficiency* +1
Missionary ACU +0 Empathy Iron Will, Spiritual Heritage*, True Faith*, Trustworthy +2
Outcast Bluff + Streetwise Toughness -1
Politico CHA +1 Persuasion Poker Face*, Reknown, Trustworthy, Windfall +3
Professional Profession (any one), Science (any one) +3
Psychic Bluff Iron Will, Spiritual Heritage +2
Pugilist Brawl Martial Arts, Defensive Martial Arts, Dodge, Fight Thrower* +1
Religious ACU +1 Empathy + Knowledge (religion and philosophy) + Linguistics (mystic language) +2
Scavenger Repair +2
Scientist Age 23+, INT +1 Science +3
Student Knowledge (any one) + Investigation Diverse Education +0
Transporter Drive + Pilot Vehicle Expert +1
Tribal Ride + Melee Animal Affinity, Athletic, Gone Native*, Guide, Track -1

Feats denoted with an asterisk are found in Imperial Age sourcebooks; other feats listed should be found in the d20 Modern Core Rulebook.


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