Non-book Powers

By default, mutant powers will be developed and purchased with the Elements of Magic system. However, there are some iconic mutant abilities that simply can’t be modeled with EoM-style powers. Thus, players who wish their mutants to have those iconic abilities may simply purchase them.

It is possible to purchase these powers incrementally, as with all other powers; however, the character gains no benefit from the power until he has invested the full point cost.

Non-book Powers

Cost Power Name
Sensory Powers
5 Darkvision
3 Low-light vision
11 Blindsense
9 Tremorsense
15 Blindsight
7 Scent
9* Fast Healing
+7 Regeneration
7 Poison
5 Non-magical Disease
9 All disease
7 Paralysis
9 Fatigue
5 Food and water
7 Air
9 Sleep
Sensory Powers

All sensory powers work as described in the d20 SRD; however, their range is 30 feet by default. Additional range may be purchased using generic enhancements as described in the Elements of Magic Rulebook.


Fast Healing: Fast healing 1 costs the listed price. Additional points of fast healing are 3 MP each (so fast healing 2 would cost 12, fast healing 3 would cost 15, etc.)

Regeneration: Regeneration requires the player to first have purchased some amount of fast healing, and requires a separate investiture of 7 MP as part of the same power. Characters who choose regeneration must also select a “weakness:” this can be an energy type such as fire or acid, a particular (relatively common) substance such as silver or iron, or decapitation.

Regeneration does not prevent a character from being Taken Out, but does prevent the character from dying. No matter how much damage he takes, he will eventually recover. The flip side of this is that characters may not take any more than a mild Consequence from an attack or effect that does not target their weakness. Characters who have regeneration will recover from any wound in a matter of minutes; even severed limbs will regrow over the course of a few hours.

If the character has selected an energy or elemental weakness, he can be Taken Out with items or effects that deal that kind of damage, and he may take moderate or major Consequences from such effects. Likewise, he may not apply powers that allow him to mitigate, resist or soak such effects. The character will regenerate from any effect that leaves his body partially intact, but if his body is totally destroyed by any means, he will not come back.

If the character has selected decapitation as his weakness, then he can be killed if an enemy has the character Taken Out and takes a full-round action to perform a coup de grace, specifically targeting the head or neck. If the character’s body is chopped up or his body otherwise destroyed, he will not regenerate.


The character is totally immune to effects of the indicated type. Note that “non-magical” disease apply to any of the “real-world” diseases that might exist — flu, cholera, dysentery, etc. “Magical” diseases would be diseases such as lycanthropy or mummy rot, which could still conceivably appear in certain campaigns.


The character has no further need of the listed resource.

Further Non-book Powers

This list is by no means complete. If there is a power you really want but can’t figure out how to get it, speak to your Narrator and see if it can be developed.

Non-book Powers

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