Mutant Powers

Source and Rules

The mutant powers in use in the Empire of Brass campaign setting are derived from Elements of Magic by EN Publishing. It is available for purchase here.

Each “power” that a mutant has is a spell created using the rules of that system. There are two different categories: enhancements and triggers. These powers are gained through investing MP, which is explained below.

Enhancements are “buff” spells. They affect only the mutant and are “always on,” though the mutant can suppress or renew the effects of any or all of his enhancements as a full-round action. Enhancements include improvements to attributes, skills, saves, defense, DR, move rate, or any other statistic. They also include alternative move rates, immunities, resistances and other such powers, as well as auras. Enhancements are typically drawn from the Abjure/Hex, Infuse and Move lists.

Triggers are activated effects: attacks, illusions, conjuration, transformation, or buffs or debuffs placed on other targets. Triggers tend to be flashy and very noticeable. Triggering a power is a full-round action unless extra MP are spent to decrease the activation time. (2 MP spent per step down the time index, to a maximum of 6 MP.) A mutant can use a triggered power once per day per mutant level. If he invests the MP cost, he can use it twice per day per mutant level, and if he invests triple the MP cost, he can use it at will.

Mutant Points

Each time a mutant gains a level in his mutant class, he gains 1d4 + CHA MP. Only his base CHA is considered, and CHA gains later in his adventuring career are not retroactive (nor are CHA losses later in his career): once he has gained those MP, they are his forever.

Whenever he gains a level, a character may invest MP into his powers. He may improve an existing power or he may gain a new power. He may also opt to “bank” the MP for a later level; they are not lost. A character may invest a number of MP into a particular power equal to his mutant level + his base CHA.

Investing MP is irrevocable. Once MP have been invested, they cannot be reassigned.

A character must always invest at least 1 MP to gain a power. Mutants cannot gain cantrips unless they also invest in some General enhancements (so a Seed 0/Gen 1 power would be acceptable).

Improving Powers

A mutant may improve one of his existing powers through the investiture of MP. The specific spell must remain the same general “shape;” e.g. an Infuse Nature spell that increases Defense must continue to improve Defense as points are invested into it. The power into which points are invested is mechanically “replaced” by the higher-level power, so if a mutant has an at-will power through investing triple the required MP, he must continue spending triple the MP every time he wishes to improve it. This is a requirement; you cannot “step down” in frequency.

Gaining New Powers

A mutant may come into new powers whenever he gains MP. However, after character level 1, the initial cost of new mutant powers is doubled.

Losing Powers

A mutant may not “forget” a power in order to free up the MP to allocate to other powers. As noted above, once points are invested, they cannot be reallocated.

Other Rules

A mutant’s powers, be they triggered or enhancements, are treated as Su effects. They do not require verbal, somatic, or material components of any kind. A mutant can activate his powers through purely mental action.

Most mutant powers that affect other targets require a save of some kind. The DC of the save is 10 + the mutant’s CHA + 1/2 the MP invested in the power.

A mutant can apply “metamagic” effects to his powers using the rules presented in Elements of Magic. He does not have to actually know the feat in order to apply its effects to his powers.

Mutant Powers

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