The “gargoyle” is a slang term for a mutant who appears big, bulky and tough. Their mutation usually shows in their skin in one way or another, either through a strange color and texture or through rigid protrusions.

Gargoyles are more common than skulks but less so than freaks. They tend to easily command respect and inspire fear because of their frightening appearance and stature. The Blob and Hellboy are both examples of archetypical gargoyles.

In a Nutshell

Gargoyles are big brute mutants who are well-served taking lots of Enhancements (see Mutant Powers). They are respected and feared and very obviously non-human. CHA, STR and CON are important attributes, and combat skills and Intimidate are good skill choices.

The Gargoyle

Level Features
1 Mutant, Intimidating, durable
4 +1 MP limit
7 +1 MP limit
10 +1 MP limit

Hit Die: d8
Skill Tree: 3-up
Special: Gargoyle level 1 can be taken only at character level 1. All mutants manifest their powers at puberty.
1st-level Bonus: +2 to Fortitude saves; in lieu of a feat at 1st level, the gargoyle may take Powerful Build (treated as size-L when it would be advantageous to the character to do so).

Mutant (Su)

Gargoyles are mutants. They have access to Mutant Powers and start play with CHA + 4 MP.

Intimidating (Ex)

Gargoyles are physically very imposing. They get a bonus on Intimidate checks equal to their class level, but suffer a -2 penalty to all Reaction rolls.

Durable (Su)

Gargoyles all begin with a 1 MP Abjure Nature effect that provides DR 1/-. This does not count against their starting MP and can be improved as normal.

MP limit

At 4th, 7th and 10th levels, a gargoyle’s MP limit increases by one.


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