FYIA Tokens

It isn’t always enough to be a hero. Sometimes the cards just aren’t in your favor, and no matter how skilled or strong-willed you are, defeat seems certain. If you live as a hero, you’ll die as one, but part of a hero’s myth is overcoming seemly impossible odds. Sometimes a hero needs to be more than a hero.

Sometimes a hero needs to be fuckin’ awesome.

Earning tokens

Characters earn one FYIA Token per session. This token, if unused, goes away at the end of the session. Players who accomplish some spectacular success in-game, or who perform something especially heroic, might also earn additional tokens at the Narrator’s discretion. Tokens awarded by the Narrator persist until spent.

Spending tokens

A player may spend a token at any time to improve his chances of success at a given action. The token does not need to be spent before a die roll is made, but it does need to be spent before the action has moved on. So, a player may decide to spend a token once he finds out that an attack has missed, or that a save was failed, but may not spend it a round later to “undo” the past.

The first requirement of spending a token is the player must describe exactly how his character is being awesome. The player is essentially assuming control of the narrative for a single action, and must therefore be descriptive. The other players at the table may veto this use of the token if the description is insufficiently moving, so a player who wants to use the token is advised to give it his all.

A token may be spent in exchange for the following:

  • Any roll of the d20 the player makes may be counted as a roll of a natural 20, regardless of the actual result of the roll.
  • Any damage roll may be maximized. If used on a confirmed critical, the entire damage roll is maximized.
  • For a single action, emulate a feat the character does not have.
  • As an interrupt, take a partial action.
  • “Shake off” the effects of any status ailment or Complication until the end of the scene.
  • Recover one-quarter of the character’s HP.

The act itself of using the token is a free action and may be played as an interrupt. The player may determine the outcome of a given die roll before deciding to spend his token.

A player may spend as many tokens as he has available in a single action. Thus, a player with three tokens could spend them all to threaten a critical (natural 20 on the attack roll), confirm the critical (natural 20 on the confirm roll) and maximize the damage dealt.

The Narrator’s Fiat Tokens

While the use of Narrator fiat isn’t necessarily restricted to tokens, he is encouraged to use as little of it as possible to keep the story moving. However, sometimes it is just required for purposes of dramatic effect. After all, villains are what makes heroes heroic.

The Narrator gets three particular Fiat tokens per session. They are:

  • The “Bang” token: counters a single FYIA token played. The Narrator must provide a narrative that counters the player’s narrative in order to use this token.
  • The “Golden Ticket” token: played to allow an NPC to avoid a situation that would result in him being Taken Out or otherwise stymied. Again, the narrator must provide a narrative.
  • The “Reroll” token: played to force a reroll of any die. The result of the second roll is binding.

FYIA Tokens

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