A freak is the most common kind of mutant: basically human with only the merest hint of the unnatural about them. For some reason, this tends to mean that their powers are much flashier than those of their gargoyle and skulk peers. All freaks have a characteristic that distinguishes them as a mutant: an unnatural hair color or material, off-color eyes or a subtle pattern on their skin.

Freaks are the most common kind of mutant. They aren’t what most people think of when they think of mutants, because they have a relatively easy time blending in. Many freaks go to great pains to disguise their true nature because of the stigma mutants have in Europan society.

In a Nutshell

The classic X-men style mutant, freaks are powerful but (relatively) ordinary and go to some lengths to ensure that that remains the case. CHA and ACU are their most important attributes, and good skills include Persuasion, Bluff and Disguise.

The Freak

Level Feature
1 Mutant, Two-faced, Flashy
4 +1 MP Limit
7 +1 MP Limit
10 +1 MP Limit

Hit Die: d6
Skill Tree: 4-up
Special: Freak level 1 can only be taken at character level 1. All mutants manifest their powers at puberty.
1st-level Bonus: +2 to Composure saves

Mutant (Su)

The freak has access to Mutant Powers, and starts play with CHA + 4 AP.

Two-Faced (Ex)

Almost all freaks, even those who are “out,” spend most of their adolescence trying to blend in. This grants a +2 bonus to Disguise checks.

Freaks must decide at the start of play if they are “out” or not. If they are, they suffer a -2 to all Reaction rolls. If they are not, they must take pains to conceal their true nature, as anyone who is not Helpful towards them immediately drops to Unfriendly if they should ever learn the truth about the freak’s nature.

Flashy (Su)

All freaks gain a 1-MP Evoke power of their choice at first level. This power does not cost against their AP limit and can be improved as normal.

MP Limit

At 4th, 7th and 10th levels, the freak’s MP limit increases by 1.


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