Exceptional Gift

You are more mutated than most mutants, displaying your traits strongly and obviously. However, this curse comes with its own gift: you are more powerful than other mutants.


Character level 1, Mutant.


You gain four additional MP that can be spent in any way you wish. The powers purchased with these MP can be improved as normal.

Additionally, your MP limit increases by 1.


You display your “gift” much more obviously than the rest of your kind. Reaction penalties are doubled, and if you are a freak you must begin play “out.” The form of this display is up to your discretion, but should involve your highest-MP power in some way. (Thus, a character with a strong Evoke Fire might have a halo of harmless flame around him at all times, or a character with a strong Abjure Nature might resemble a walking suit of armor.)

Exceptional Gift

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