The League of Oddfellows

September 1889

Highlight reel:

  • While out and about on Sunday the 15th, the Oddfellows encountered a group of drunken teamsters in the market. Harsh words were exchanged and the teamsters gave chase. The pursuit tore through the city and culminated in a shootout near Trafalgar Square, after which the Oddfellows retreated to their sanctuary.
  • Later that day, a Mrs Hannah Wilson arrived to recruit the Oddfellows to find her missing daughter Margaret. She provided a picture and a warning to be discreet, and indicated that she would make it very worth the Oddfellows’ while if they found Margaret.
  • The following morning, the Oddfellows set out to find the missing girl. Having heard that she had last been seen near Trafalgar square, they returned there. Nobody seemed to notice they had been the cause of such trouble the day before, so they were able to proceed with their investigations without incident.
  • Questioning around the marketplace gleaned them some information from Helga the Fishwife, who told them about several people asking about disappearances near the Three Lords Tavern at the end of the square.
  • Inquiries within the Three Lords provided some new bits of information. There had been an article in the Times a few days prior about disappearances; there had been two or three disappearances in the area; and the guarded room below the Three Lords was nothing more than a storage room.
  • Investigations of the “storage” room later that night revealed it to be very well-defended indeed. Attempts to glean information from Benny the bouncer through alcohol and attractive women didn’t gain much traction, so the Oddfellows decided to use their more direct talents. Unfortunately, the bouncers down below proved to be resistant to the Oddfellows’ powers. A fight nearly broke out, but Alden pulled a gun and got the bouncers to back down.
  • The “storage” room turned out to be an opium den, run by one Montgomery Abernathy. Abernathy was unwilling or unable to provide much in the way of useful information, but after Arden complimented Abernathy’s sense of Asian decor, the latter directed the group to Blackfriar’s Tavern.
  • The following day, the Oddfellows went to Blackfriar’s. Along the way they ran into a newsie. Tuesday’s paper carried news of a woman mauled by a wild animal near Trafalgar Square, and the newsie himself remembered that the article about the disappearances had been in Thursday’s paper, talking about disappearances around Golder’s Green.
  • At Blackfriar’s, the Oddfellows talked to some dilettantes, who informed them that Miss Wilson had a paramour, one Wesley Carrington, a clark at Sotheby’s.
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